DoubleList craigslist alternative : adult personals ads site review

DoubleList adult personals ads site is not the one to which our team would have spontaneously turned as part of a search for adult personals ads and hookups. Indeed, its too vast range of offers makes it a kind of “supermarket on the net” where you can buy a new car as well as keep your dog.

In short, this is not a site dedicated to sex dating it became popular after the Craigslists personals shutdown, there is just a small part of the platform that is dedicated to the ads of people seeking to meet others for sex.

We registered for the purpose of determining if this portal was still effective, and the least we can say is that the results were more disappointing. DoubleList ( does not allow to make real serious ass meetings, and profiles often hide scammers who try by all means to trap other users.

DoubleList craigslist alternative

It goes without saying that we were not convinced by this site on which the adult personals ads of meetings are not always of quality. Between mediocre or vulgar photos and texts full of mistakes, nothing is really very attractive at the level of profiles. The few hot French women we contacted did not often respond to our naughty messages, and none proved to be really interested in making a plan.

It is extremely frustrating and it does not allow a naughty search in a serene way. In addition, navigation on the site is quite painful, the design is rough and does not promote the creation of a sexy atmosphere. Couriers, cats, and other tools are not up to what might be expected for a dating site, so we are very disappointed with our experience with DoubleList in this study.

DoubleList fake profiles

Like all sites offering anyone the opportunity to post a free ad for online dating scams are not uncommon on DoubleList. It is important to be wary of women offering sex for money. These are prostitutes or escorts who use this kind of sites to find new customers, and it is not always easy to spot them from the first messages.

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